Monday, July 25, 2016

Small changes

So super quicky this morning! If you have read my earliest blogs, you know it's all about slow and steady winning the race for me! Little changes that add up in the long tern to a better me!

As many of you know, I have been nursing my osteoarthritic (is that a word?) knee for about a month now. This tells me I have inflammation in my body. What causes inflammation? The wrong foods (SUGAR!!) .  While I am pretty good about staying off obvious sugars and processed foods (most of the time) sugar still is a part of my diet. I use coconut sugar  in my coffee, and sauces on my foods as well as dark chocolate containing sugar. ..... I'm tackling the small one first. This week's little change is the way I spice my eggs.
Instead of my Sriracha and Iguana sauce (both of which have sugar as the second ingredient, 1g per tsp. and I generously use at least 2 -3 tsp.),
I am using Turmeric and Cayenne which are healing anti-inflammatory spices. 
That's it. That is my small step this morning in a healthier direction. What small step would you like to make to become just a little bit healthier?

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